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2013-2018 6.7 Cummins Hardway Tuning - HPTuners Shift on the Fly

2013-2018 6.7 Cummins Hardway Tuning - HPTuners Shift on the Fly

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Do you already have an HPTuners MPVI2 MPVI2+ or MPVI3 device with at least 4 universal credits available?
Is your truck a 2018 and do need us to send you a Secure Gateway (SGW) bypass cable? These are only required for 2018 model year trucks.

We here at Hardway Performance are proud to finally release a street legal tuning option for late 2013 to 2018 model year Ram trucks equipped with the 6.7 Cummins engine. 

  • SIX total shift on the fly power levels, accessible by utilizing the cruise control buttons on your steering wheel, no holes to drill or third party switches needed!
  • Increased pedal response and drastically improved overall drivability.
  • Removed speed limiter - for when 102mph just isn't quite enough.
  • Exhaust Brake Memory - tired of having to turn your EB back on how you like it every time you get in the truck? Not anymore, it'll stay right where you left it last.
  • Optional transmission tuning (68RFE only) - Line pressure increased from stock 160psi to 170psi with transmission builder specific calibrations available up to 250psi, L/R clutch fix to solve sprag rolling issues, UD air test disabled to prevent bind up with increased line pressure.

An HPTuners MPVI2, MPVI2+ or MPVI3 with at least 4 universal credits as well as a windows based computer with an updated version of the HPTuners VCM Suite installed. 2018 models require a secure gateway (SGW) bypass cable.

This line of calibrations has undergone extensive in house development including hundreds of hours of dyno time, hundreds of internal revisions & thousands of road miles across several trucks in order to deliver you, the end consumer, a very well rounded and polished final product. 

Our in house Dynojet 224XLC2 chassis dynamometer was utilized for development on a number of 2013-2018 model year trucks with the very commonly equipped 68RFE. All pulls were done in 4th gear with the torque converter locked and utilizing the SAE correction factor. These platforms are originally rated by Chrysler/Cummins at 350HP/660TQ, while our stock horsepower numbers are similar, we're able to show quite a bit more torque likely due to our load cell dyno.

  • SOTF0 350HP/785TQ (STOCK)
  • SOTF1 402HP/874TQ (+52HP/89TQ)
  • SOTF2 421HP/940TQ (+71HP/155TQ
  • SOTF3 441HP/1016TQ (+91HP/231TQ)
  • SOTF4 457HP/1083TQ (+107HP/298TQ)
  • SOTF5 476HP/1105TQ (+126HP/+320TQ)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you change SOTF power levels?

A: Easy! You don't need anything except your factory cruise control buttons. There are 6 total power levels (SOTF0-5) & you access these by pressing your cruise (Cancel) button and (RES+/SET-) buttons. When you first install the SOTF tune, it will default to SOTF0, if you'd like to go to SOTF5, press (CANCEL) 1X and then (RES+) 5 times quickly, the dash will ding while the lightning bolt flashes an appropriate amount of times for what SOTF level you're on, so 5 dings = SOTF5.  If you're on SOTF5 and you want to go to SOTF3, press (CANCEL) and (SET-) twice, this will take you to SOTF3 and the dash will ding while the lightning bolt flashes 3 times. Also at any time you can press the (CANCEL) button without pressing anything else and the dash will tell you what SOTF it's in. This sounds complicated but it makes perfect sense once you do it a few times in the truck.

Cruise Control SOTF Control

Q: Will this improve fuel economy?

A: We wouldn't expect any changes in fuel economy with this product. Although we surely know how to squeeze a few more drops of fuel per mile out of these trucks, all of our known methods also raise NOX emissions due to leaning out the combustion event, which is against the wishes of the powers that be so unfortunately our hands are tied. If you're truly after economy our best suggestion is to stay away from the lift & leveling kits, big or aggressive tread tires, make the truck as aerodynamic as possible (say no to moose mirrors) and drive like you've got an egg under the skinny pedal.

Q: Will this increase regeneration events or hurt my emissions system?

A: We've seen no changes in regen frequency under normal driving circumstances. Think of your DPF as a big ugly filter that catches particulate matter (exhaust soot), if you drive stoplight to stop light with a heavy right foot, you can soot-load the DPF quickly causing frequent regen, this can be done regardless of if the truck is tuned. Lets say hypothetically you're driving around on SOTF5 and flooring it from every stop light, you can surely expect to soot load the DPF quicker. Naturally diesels have smoke output especially before boost comes up, even though you can't see it, your emissions equipped pickup truck is still "smoking", your DPF however is catching it and processing it. In summary, enjoy the added power responsibly and you'll notice no difference in DPF regenerations.

Q: Will this allow me to consume less or no diesel exhaust fluid at all?

A: This will not change the consumption of DEF whatsoever, the entire DPF/EGR/DEF subsystems of the truck remain fully functional as they were from the factory.

Q: Will this product allow me to remove my emissions components? 

A: Definitely not, this is meant for all emissions components to be left intact and functional, no exceptions. Please do not contact us with your requests for this to be done, there are no secret codewords or passwords and we don't care who you are, who you know or what you think about emissions regulations, we don't like them either but our hands are tied and the answer is no.