Core Policy


The core charge is in addition to the listing price. This core charge must be added to your payment before your item can ship.


What is a core charge?

A core charge is a refundable charge that makes the auto-part rebuilding industry possible. Without core charges, there would be no rebuilt parts available, leaving customers to pay the exorbitant cost of new parts, which would be even higher without the competition of rebuilt / remanufactured parts.

When will my core charge be refunded?

We try to refund core charges within 3 business days of receiving the core. It may take a few extra days for your credit card company to apply the credit to your account. PLEASE be sure to pack your cores carefully so they are not damaged in return shipment. It is also important to insure your cores in case of damage or loss, and to retain the tracking number.

What are the core criteria?

If you have any questions about your cores, please contact us.
  • Must fill out core form located HERE, print when finished and place in return package.
  • Cores must be in a condition representative of normal use.
  • Cores that would NOT be acceptable are those that were in a fire, have been left outside in the weather and are rusted internally, or are physically broken.
  • Cores must not be disassembled or have been disassembled.

How should I ship the core?

  • After installing the new / rebuilt item, simply put OLD ITEM / UNIT back in the original shipping box. Please drain off oil or fuel if possible. Wrap in sturdy plastic bag if needed.
  • Ship via your own preferred method.

How long do I have to return my cores?

We allow 30 days from the date you receive the item to the date we receive the core for a full refund. After 30 days, no core charges will be refunded.