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Hardway 5.9 Tuning Laboratory

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Hardway 5.9 Tuning Laboratory

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April 24 & 25th @ Rudys Performance Parts - Burlington North Carolina

It's about time to put on another Laboratory, but this time we're focusing solely on tuning the 2003-2007 5.9 Common-Rail Cummins platform!  Bring your laptops, bring your V2 and/or your HPTuners MPVI... and get ready for two days of brain melting.  This class is good for everyone from the basic enthusiast to the hardcore racing every weekend kinda guy or even the shop owner looking to broaden your knowledge base.  


Wednesday April 24TH

8AM - Coffee & Donuts - find a seat, plug your laptop in, get setup with most recent versions of EFILive and HPTuners along with provided base files (thumb drives).

9AM - Student Introductions - then into a group discussion on common terms and theories... quantity, timing, etc etc etc

10AM - Software familiarization - discussing what's what, where its at and how to use it.... EFI and HPTuners, all of it.

11AM - Data logging - because you have to know where you've been before you know where you need to go.

12PM - LUNCH - Provided both days, usually pizza one day and sandwiches another day, fridge stocked full of sodas/water/beer but feel free to BYOB

1PM - TUNING 101 - Let's kill some limiters, make a few changes while leaving factory fueling/pressure maps and make a nice driving 60hp single tune using both EFI and HPTuners platforms... everyone will follow along and make a file with me, step by step, from stock to "60hp single file", this could take upwards of 2 hours depending how well we can keep everyone on the same page (bring caffeine for this one!).

3PM - DYNO - We'll have a truck strapped down outside loaded up with a stock file, we'll run it while logging, get a power curve, then swap in a 60hp file that was built in class earlier that day and run it while logging.  These curves and logs will be what we open up day 2 with as we move into more advanced discussions.

4PM - Class dismissed... Dyno will be open for noise making and debauchery, possibly Mcguires Irish Pub tonight once we shut the lights off at the shop?

8PM - Dyno Curfew - So our neighbors dont hate us...

Thursday April 25th

8AM - Coffee & Donuts - Q&A time covering yesterday's discussion topics.

9AM - Official review from yesterday's dyno session, cover some talking points between the two power curves acquired on the dyno and the associated data logs.

930AM - Advanced Tuning Theories & Principals (while everyone is fresh and before we feed you lunch).  Covering fuel map editing, pressure map editing, rail pressure control, CSP5 and CSP inputs and outputs (for EFILive), standalone ECM setup, how to make big body mod injectors idle, etc etc etc.  We'll stop a few times when you guys start drooling on yourself and continue this one out until lunch shows up.... PLENTY to learn/discuss here.

12PM - LUNCH - Whatever we didn't have yesterday, we'll have today.

1PM - TUNING 102 - We're going to take that 60hp file we built and tested yesterday, upgrade it to CSP5, build a multiple power level file from stock to maxxed out using the theories and principals we discuss this am.  Once we have that file saved and a copy stored away we'll take it a step further and update this file assuming that same truck came back to us with a set of huge injectors, big turbos, won't idle right, doesn't have a twin pump controller anymore etc etc etc and we'll make the appropriate changes to it discussing why we're doing what we're doing along the way. (caffeine will be required!)

3PM - DYNO - That same truck we took from stock to 60hp yesterday will get the CSP treatment we built after lunch and we'll make a rip on each power level showing you what the changes we made along the way did.  Time permitting we'll also have a big injector truck in the shop that we'll return to "stock" programming and start it, discuss why its doing what its doing and make the appropriate changes to it to clean up its act.  Depending on who brings what to the class or what we have in the shop at the time we can toss a big setup on the dyno and make a few demo pulls on it while watching data vs power curves to compare to the "stock" truck.

4PM - Q&A around the dyno until your hearts content, dyno will be open and free to use at students disposal at this time... put your knowledge to the test while we're there to help you with whatever you need!

8PM - Dyno Curfew. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!

BOTH CLASSES ALSO INCLUDE A VIP pass to the Rudys Diesel Event that weekend, a Hardway shirt of your choice as well as a thumb drive loaded up with base files and helpful documents and images to send you on your way with.

IF ANYONE WANTS US TO DYNO TUNE their setups please let us know as early in advance as possible so we can do our best to accomodate, likely the day prior to the class or potentially during the 4-8pm dyno sessions after class each day if the setup can be used as a talking/educational reference.

ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS OR INPUT shoot me an email at ryan@hardwayperformance.com or get a hold of me however you normally do. Thanks in advance! -RHM

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April 24/25 "Rudys Class" @ Rudys Performance Parts in Burlington NC

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